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June 2018 Archives

Can officers search your car during a traffic stop?

Getting pulled over for an alleged traffic violation is not all that uncommon in Texas, especially if you are a relatively young driver. Usually, the officer says (s)he caught you speeding, failing to stop at a stop light or sign, making an illegal turn or committing some other reasonably minor infraction. Things can quickly escalate, however, if that traffic stop turns into a search for drugs or other illegal substances. But does (s)he have the legal right to search?

Should you hire a lawyer for misdemeanor charges?

Felonies have serious consequences in Texas. Murder, aggravated assault and destruction of property fall into this category and can result in thousands of dollars' worth of fines and years in prison. Unfortunately, many people assume that, while felonies require legal representation, misdemeanors are simpler to handle. 


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