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DWIs in college: Protect your future with the right help

When you decided to go to college and follow some of your friends to a local university, you never thought it would end up causing you so much trouble. Sure, your friends all like to have a good time, and lots of people drink on campus, but you weren't expecting to get sucked into trouble with the law.

Unfortunately, your friends all needed a ride home, and you were the least drunk of everyone. Against your better judgment, you decided to be the driver, because you felt you'd be the safest. Despite the fact that you didn't crash, your swerving and instability on the road caught the eye of a passing officer. Now, you're facing trouble for being intoxicated behind the wheel.

Prescription drugs can lead to DWIs

Prescription drug use is fairly common throughout the year, but it might be more common in the winter months when cooler air allows viruses and bacteria to thrive. As people start to get sick, it's more common for them to head to the doctor and get medications to treat their illnesses.

The trouble with using prescription medications is that not everyone knows how they will react to them. Some people may find that they become drowsy or feel nauseated. Others are "wired" and feel like they have all the energy in the world. Some medications cause changes in behavior, like making a person aggressive.

How a DWI impacts a job hunt

In the past, people with criminal convictions on their records would face an uphill battle trying to get a different job down the road. These days, employers have become increasingly understanding, and more employers than ever before feel willing to hire applicants with criminal records. However, that does not mean that you should expect a walk in the park when you have a DWI in Texas and try to obtain a new job. 

Having a DWI on your record indicates that you demonstrate exceeding poor judgment. Employers may feel wary about hiring you, especially if it is for a position that requires driving. There are some things you should expect on the job hunt as well as some things that you can do to try to increase your odds of landing a new line of work.

Can drug convictions impact financial aid eligibility?

Watching a child head off to college marks a proud moment for many parents, and you probably feel, at this point, like you have done everything you could to instill morals and values in your child. Many college students, however, start to experiment with the party scene once they get out from under their parent’s roofs. Such experimentation, however, can occasionally lead to serious financial trouble.

How? Nowadays, if authorities arrest your college student on a drug-related criminal charge and that charge winds up leading to a conviction, your son or daughter may lose his or her ability to take advantage of any financial aid assistance your family worked hard to secure.

Long-term consequences of DWIs

DWI charges can bring about more consequences than just jail time and fines. Recently, the cops had to arrest one of their own when a Texas police officer passed out in a drive-thru and now faces DWI charges

In that instance, the news articles about that police officer will remain on the internet for years to come. The truth is a DWI can follow you for years, and you may continue facing the consequences for much of your life. Here are some of the long-term consequences to consider before you get behind the wheel intoxicated. 

Is a plea bargain a good idea?

Appearing before a judge or jury in a criminal trial may seem frightening, so if the prosecutor offers a way to avoid this ordeal through a plea bargain, you may feel tempted to take it.

You would not be alone in this, as over 95% of criminal convictions in the U.S. come from plea bargains, according to the CATO Institute.

Reasons a court will not allow guardianship

Under the right circumstances, guardianships can be a useful tool for ensuring loved ones receive the care they need. Some estimates report that roughly 1.3 million adults living in the United States are under guardianship, with a vast majority of those being for adults over the age of 65. 

You may think it is time to put a loved one under guardianship, but the court will look at the circumstances carefully. There are several situations in which many people believe a guardianship should go into effect, but in actuality, it is no cause for concern. The following situations fall into that category, but you need more to successfully attain a guardian role. 

6 tips for managing your job as executor well

A few years ago, when your favorite uncle was still in good health, he asked if you would consent to becoming his executor. You agreed, and he named you as such in his will.

Unfortunately, Uncle Ned passed away unexpectedly. You now face the job of administering his estate. Here are six tips to help you succeed.

How to talk to a loved one about a guardianship

A guardianship for older adults can provide peace of mind for the whole family. A guardianship appoints a specific person (i.e., a guardian) who will make important decisions for another if the latter becomes incapacitated and cannot make decisions for himself or herself.

Discussing the idea of a guardianship can be difficult with your parent or another elderly loved one. Knowing how and when to broach the subject, however, could prevent more serious issues down the road.

Can a DWI prevent you from owning a firearm?

The right to bear arms is a constitutional right many Texans firmly believe in. Over one million Texans have a license to carry. It may be less than 5% of the state's residents, but it is a substantial number. It shows how much Texans care about the 2nd Amendment. 

Every year, numerous people apply for licenses to carry firearms in the state. Before receiving such a license, Texans have to undergo background checks. If someone has a DWI in his or her past, then that person will probably worry about whether he or she can own a gun ever again. The truth is that it varies significantly from one person to the next, so you have to look at your specific case to determine if you can still own firearms with a DWI on your record


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