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Violent Crimes Lawyer Serving Parker County

Jack County Violent Crimes Lawyer

Attorney for Manslaughter, Assault, and Murder

Violent crimes are treated very, very seriously in Texas. People who get convicted of violent crimes are widely regarded as dangerous criminals. The consequences of a violent crime conviction can far exceed the judicial penalties. If convicted, your criminal record could follow you for the rest of your life. You may struggle to find a good job or even housing, and you may find that educational opportunities have been closed off to you. If you have been charged with a violent crime in Texas, it is important that you act quickly and find an aggressive criminal defense lawyer.

Soraya Joslin, P.C. fights for the rights of the accused. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the impact that a criminal charge will have on your life going forward, whatever that means in your case. We represent those who have been charged with domestic violence, assault or aggravated assault, murder, and manslaughter. If you are facing one of these serious charges, we can provide you with a high-quality legal defense.

Wise County Lawyer for Assault and Aggravated Assault

It is incredibly easy to find yourself in a situation where you have been accused of assault. Texas recognizes two types of assaults - simple assault, a misdemeanor, or aggravated assault, a felony. Even a relatively minor dispute can turn physical very quickly. Relatively nonserious conduct, such as poking someone in the chest, can be treated as a simple assault in Texas.

Aggravated assault is a bit more serious. This offense may be charged in certain circumstances, such as if the victim was severely injured or if you brandished a deadly weapon. You could face years in prison for this crime.

Murder and Manslaughter Attorney Serving Northern Texas

Murder and manslaughter are two of the most serious violent crimes. Both offenses are charged after there has been a killing. However, there is a major difference between these two offenses. In a murder case, the killing was committed knowingly or intentionally. The prosecution must show that you meant to kill the victim to sustain a murder charge.

Manslaughter refers to a killing that was done unintentionally, but with reckless disregard for the victim's safety. For example, if there is an illegal street race, and one of the drivers accidentally hits and kills someone, this would likely be treated as manslaughter. Texas also uses the term "intoxication manslaughter" to refer to unintentional killings by people who are under the influence, such as drunk drivers.

If you are facing either charge, you are in serious legal jeopardy. The seriousness of these charges cannot be understated.

Domestic and Family Violence Attorney in Jack County

Domestic violence, or family violence, is a heavily stigmatized crime. While the classic conception of this offense involves a man hitting a female romantic partner, the reality is far different. People of any sex can be charged with this crime, and the victim does not have to be a current romantic partner.

The main difference between domestic violence and simple assault is the identity of the alleged victim. A roommate, almost any family member, a former partner, or a relative of your child could all be the alleged victims in a domestic violence case.

Often, family violence arrests happen when a household dispute gets out of hand and becomes physical. There is not always a clear-cut victim or aggressor, and the police may sometimes be mistaken about who is responsible.

We will strive to provide you with the best and strongest defense in your case.

Contact a Parker County Violent Crimes Attorney

Soraya Joslin, P.C. has years of collective experience defending those who have been accused of violent crimes in Texas. Our lawyers will do all we can to protect your rights and preserve your freedom. We will carefully develop a customized defense strategy for you. Contact us at 817-599-7005 to receive a free consultation.

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