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Parker County Attorney for Intent to Distribute

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Weatherford Criminal Defense Lawyer for Narcotics Charges

Our state has some of the harshest drug laws in the nation. Even simple possession of an illicit substance can be treated very seriously in Texas. Many cases involving possession for personal use can still be treated as a felony. If you have been charged with possession with intent to distribute, the situation is far more serious. Effectively, these charges mean that the state believes you are selling (or at least giving out) drugs. Of course, this may not be true in your case - these charges are often levied based merely on the amount of a substance you were caught with.

Soraya Joslin, P.C. is experienced in defending people who are facing possession with intent to distribute charges. We understand that these charges are often not what they appear to be. Our attorneys take the time to understand the circumstances of your case so that we can develop a customized defense. No two cases of this nature are alike, and we craft customized defense strategies to fit each unique situation.

Parker County Lawyer Explains Intent to Distribute Charges

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys have often encountered clients arrested for this offense who are surprised to learn that they are charged with intent to distribute rather than possession for personal use or another lesser drug crime. There are a number of reasons you may have been charged with intent to distribute, including:

  • Quantity of substance - If there is a large enough amount of a drug found in your possession, the state may - correctly or not - assume that the drugs were not just for you. Some individuals who are addicted to drugs fear running out and keep a stockpile, and large amounts of substances may lead law enforcement to believe that they intend to distribute drugs to others.
  • Shared supply - It is quite normal for people who use drugs to share a supply with a group of other users. Unfortunately, sharing from a common supply can cause the person who furnishes the supply to be charged with intent to distribute or actual distribution.
  • Manufacturing or processing - An act as simple as breaking up a drug into smaller packages or cooking cannabis to produce edibles can be enough for the state to assume intended distribution.

If you are facing these charges, the situation is serious. Our lawyers will fight to help you in any way we can.

Penalties for Possession With Intent to Distribute in Texas

The consequences associated with this offense can be serious. The incarceration time and other penalties you could be facing depend heavily on the particulars of your case - mainly, which substance or substances you had and in what quantities.

However, possession with intent to distribute is typically charged as a felony, meaning that the offense carries more than a year of prison time. In the most serious cases, people accused of this offense could face a life sentence.

Weatherford Attorney for Strong Drug Distribution Defenses

Our lawyers regularly employ a number of defense strategies that are always tailored to the facts of your particular case. A few defenses we may be able to use to your benefit include:

  • Lack of intent - There may be facts or circumstances suggesting that you had no intention of distributing the substance.
  • Illegal search - If the search that led to your arrest was unlawful, the evidence found may not be used against you.
  • Not in possession - If we can show that you were not knowingly in possession of the substance in question, we may be able to defeat the case against you.

These are only a few examples of the types of defenses we may be able to use. We will explore the specifics of your case before developing a strong defense strategy for you.

Contact a Parker County Drug Possession With Intent to Distribute Attorney

Soraya Joslin, P.C. is committed to fighting for our clients. Our experienced Weatherford criminal defense lawyers will strive to keep a charge of possession with intent to distribute from impacting the rest of your life. Contact us at 817-599-7005 to schedule your free consultation.

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