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Weatherford Lawyer for Multiple DWIs

Jack County Multiple DWI Attorney

Attorney for Second, Third, and Subsequent DWIs in Parker County

Repeat DWIs are taken seriously in Texas. While a second DWI can be charged as a misdemeanor in some cases, a third DWI is considered a felony. While a first-offense DWI often leads to substance abuse treatment rather than jail time, repeat offenders are rarely given the same opportunities and understanding. Texas is rather harsh in how it treats any DWI case. If you are facing repeat DWI charges, it is important that you take the situation very seriously and secure legal counsel.

Soraya Joslin, P.C. has experience helping those who have been accused of a second, third, or subsequent DWI. We understand what is at stake, and we are prepared to fight to preserve your freedom and protect your constitutional rights. A repeat charge, while often frightening, is not a hopeless situation. We will closely analyze your case to determine how we can best defend you.

Second DWI Attorneys Serving Parker County and the Surrounding Area

A second DWI, while still generally a misdemeanor, is far more serious than a first DWI. You should expect little leniency and understanding from the court, even if you are struggling with alcoholism or addiction. Jail time of up to a year is a possibility if you are convicted, and you could lose your driver's license for an extended period of time.

Our attorneys will raise any possible defense that could help you avoid Texas' notoriously harsh criminal penalties. We will fight to keep you free and able to drive.

Third and Subsequent DWI Lawyers in Northern Texas

In Texas, a third or subsequent DWI is a felony offense. A felony typically carries more than a year of prison time, putting you in serious legal jeopardy. It can be difficult to defend these cases - after two or more convictions, the court may be inclined to believe that you are guilty based on your history. Some people are unfairly and unlawfully stopped by police based on their history rather than any articulable facts, and in these situations, we may be able to argue that a case should be dismissed.

You are still entitled to raise the full range of defenses that others are. Our attorneys will closely study the facts and circumstances of your case in order to identify possible defenses that could keep you out of jail.

Weatherford Felony DWI Attorneys

Felonies are considered very serious crimes. When your DWI is charged as a felony, you could face years or even decades behind bars. The potential penalties depend on the particular facts of your case and why your DWI is being handled as a felony. If your case involves an accident in which someone was injured or killed, you may be charged with intoxication assault or intoxication manslaughter in addition to the DWI.

Additionally, this type of conviction carries collateral consequences - you could lose your job or be expelled from school, and you may have trouble finding a job or even a place to live.

Building a strong criminal defense is essential in these situations. The disruption a felony conviction can cause to your life may be extreme. Our attorneys will do everything we can to craft a powerful defense for you.

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Soraya Joslin, P.C. has experience defending those who have been accused of repeat DWI offenses. We understand the seriousness of these charges and the effects a conviction could have on your life, so we strive to guard your future opportunities. Contact us at 817-599-7005 to arrange a complimentary consultation. We serve clients throughout northern Texas in Eastland, Wise, Jack, Hood, Parker, and Johnson Counties.

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