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Parker County Lawyer for First-Offense DWIs

Eastland County First DWI Attorney

Legal Help in Weatherford for First-Time DWI Defendants

Being arrested for DWI when you have never been in trouble with the law before can be shocking and even traumatic. It can disrupt your life in a serious way. You are likely under a lot of stress, and you may have a number of fears about the situation. The good news is that first-time DWI defendants may have legal opportunities that are generally not available for repeat offenders. Our attorneys can evaluate your case and work with you to determine how best to go about defending you.

Soraya Joslin, P.C. is experienced in helping people charged with a first-offense DWI fight back and achieve positive results. We carefully assess the facts and circumstances of each case to identify any available defenses that could lead to dismissal or acquittal. Our goal is to secure an outcome that keeps you free and able to keep moving forward in life without the burden of Texas' notoriously harsh sentencing.

Legal Options for Those With Substance Abuse Disorders

DWI charges and addiction or alcoholism often go hand in hand. Many people find these charges to be a wake-up call. Courts understand that many DWI defendants struggle with substance abuse and that jail time is not always the answer. In some cases, we may be able to help you stay free if you are willing to attend court-ordered treatment. If you choose this option, it is important that you are committed to following the program, as subsequent violations are taken very seriously.

Potential Penalties for a First DWI in Texas

The penalties for a DWI in Texas can be harsh. You could be facing up to 180 days of jail time for a simple DWI, in addition to fines and driver's license suspension. The penalties can increase if there are certain circumstances present that make the offense more serious.

For example, you may be charged with a felony even for a first-time DWI if you caused injury to another person. If your B.A.C. was very high, you could still be charged with a misdemeanor, but you may face mandatory jail time or a potential sentence of up to one year.

You may also be quite concerned about the potential loss of your driver's license, which could be suspended for up to a year. In some cases, we are able to act quickly to protect your driving rights.

As you can see, DWIs are quite serious in Texas. It is important that you act quickly to secure representation and fight back against your charges.

How Our Parker County Attorneys Can Help

DWI cases are not always as simple as they may seem. There are a number of strategies we can use to fight back when you are charged with DWI. We may raise defenses like:

  • Field sobriety test problems - The issue with field sobriety tests is that they are done in the field, where external conditions can influence the results. Other factors, like health issues or footwear, could also result in false positives.
  • Chemical testing errors - There are strict procedures that police officers must follow when administering blood or breath tests, in addition to performing required maintenance on blood alcohol testing devices. These issues may make it possible to challenge the results of chemical blood alcohol tests.
  • Illegal stop - Before the police pulled you over, they must have had reasonable suspicion that you were breaking the law based on more than a hunch. If the stop was illegal, evidence obtained through it may not be admissible.

These are only a few examples of the defense strategies we may be able to use in first-time DWI cases. We will base your defense on the specific facts surrounding your case in order to build the strongest possible defense.

Contact a Parker County First-Offense DWI Attorney

Soraya Joslin, P.C. is experienced in defending those accused of a first-time DWI. Our Weatherford DWI attorneys understand the seriousness of these cases, and we will fight for the best possible results in your case. Contact us at 817-599-7005 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout northern Texas in Jack, Johnson, Wise, Hood, Parker, and Eastland Counties.

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