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Weatherford Misdemeanors Lawyer

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Parker County Lawyer for DWI, Assault, and More

While misdemeanor crimes are generally less serious than felonies, they are not to be taken lightly. Many misdemeanors carry up to a one-year term of incarceration, and if you are convicted, a criminal record can follow you for the rest of your life. It is very easy to find yourself in a situation where you may be charged with a crime in Texas. Simple disputes can easily escalate to minor assaults or family violence. Possessing even a small amount of a banned substance can land you in jail. If you are facing misdemeanor charges, it is important to take the case seriously and fight back.

Soraya Joslin, P.C. is committed to fiercely defending those who have been accused of misdemeanor crimes in Texas. Our lawyers are experienced in multiple types of criminal cases, and we understand how quickly and easily you can find yourself in this position. Our goal is to reduce the impact this charge will have on your life. In many cases, we may be able to get your charges reduced or dismissed. We adapt our criminal defense strategy to suit each case.

DWI Lawyer Serving Wise, Johnson Counties

Drunk driving is one of the most common crimes people are arrested for in Texas. However, a DWI can be serious. Most convicted people will see their driver's licenses suspended, which can cause major disruptions in their daily lives. We use a number of strategies to defend DWI cases.

In some cases, we can attack the results of a field sobriety test or chemical test by arguing that there were environmental factors or officer errors contributing to a positive result. We will strive to put on the best possible defense.

Weatherford Assault and Domestic Violence Attorney

Assault and domestic violence are two closely-related, but separate offenses. The major difference between assault and family violence crimes is who the victim is, rather than the conduct itself. You may be charged with domestic violence rather than simple assault if the alleged victim was a household member, such as a roommate, a member of your family or your child's family, or a current or past romantic partner.

The definition of "assault" is fairly broad. Assault can mean making any type of physical contact with the alleged victim that is harmful, painful, provoking, or offensive, or even threatening to do so. Self-defense is a common defense strategy that may be used in these cases, as it is not always clear who the primary aggressor was.

Law Firm Helping Drug Defendants in Eastland County

Texas' laws are notoriously harsh when it comes to drug crimes. Even cannabis, which is legal in many states, is illegal to possess in Texas. Even when drug possession is treated as a misdemeanor, it can still lead to serious sentencing, which may include jail time.

Our attorneys understand that many people who are arrested for possessing an illicit substance are struggling with addiction. In some cases, we may be able to help you qualify for a diversion program that could keep your record clean, in addition to providing you with needed treatment.

Misdemeanor Sex Crimes Lawyer in Hood, Jack Counties

Sex offenses carry a serious stigma and serious collateral consequences, even when they are misdemeanor offenses. Minor crimes like public lewdness or indecent exposure can land you on the sex offender registry. Many of these cases involve relatively nonserious conduct, like exposing one's breasts during a night out. However, the consequences can be serious.

We will strive to protect your rights and freedom at every stage in your proceedings. Our goal is to minimize any impact this charge can have on your life going forward.

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Soraya Joslin, P.C. is committed to protecting the rights and preserving the freedom of people charged with misdemeanors in North Texas. Our skilled team is well-versed in multiple types of crimes and their defenses. We will customize a defense strategy that has the best odds of success for you. To contact us for a free and confidential consultation, please call 817-599-7005.

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