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Murder is generally the most serious crime a person can be charged with. It involves taking the life of another human being without justification. That said, there are different types and levels of homicide charges in Texas. Murder is distinct from manslaughter in that the killing is alleged to have been done knowingly or intentionally, rather than recklessly. If you are facing murder charges, you are in extreme jeopardy. You may be facing a life sentence if convicted.

Soraya Joslin, P.C. is an experienced criminal defense law firm dedicated to protecting the rights and freedoms of people accused of serious felonies and other types of offenses. We understand the severity of your situation if you have been accused of murder. Our experience has taught us that rarely is a case hopeless and that there are two sides to every story. Our skilled lawyers will fight for you in every way we can.

Understanding Murder Charges in Texas

In Texas, being accused of murder means that the state believes that you killed another person and that you did so without justification. There are several forms of this extreme offense. They include:

  • Knowingly or intentionally killing - This is a more serious form of murder, in which the offender purposely caused the victim's death.
  • Serious harm intended - In this version of homicide, the offender intends to cause serious harm to the victim, and in doing so, put the victim in such danger that they died.
  • Felony murder - Felony murder occurs when the offender commits or attempts to commit a felony, or when they flee the scene of their crime, and they engage in dangerous conduct that leads to a person's death.
  • Capital murder - There is a long list of types of homicide that can lead to capital murder charges. Capital murder is punishable by the death penalty. Examples of capital murder can include killing a child, killing a police officer carrying out his duty, or killing multiple victims. If you are charged with capital murder in Texas, the seriousness of your situation cannot be understated. Your life could be in jeopardy.

Our attorneys are experienced with all forms of murder. We are well aware that no two homicide cases are ever alike. We conduct a deep dive into the facts, conducting our own investigation to turn up any information that may help your case.

Possible Defenses to Murder in Texas

There are multiple possible defenses to murder charges in Texas. Defenses that we can use to help you may include:

  • Self-defense - Many accused murderers are actually people who had the misfortune of being attacked and needed to defend themselves using deadly force, such as with a weapon. Being charged with murder is a common occurrence for those involved in a defensive shooting.
  • Castle doctrine - If you reasonably believed that the alleged victim had unlawfully entered your property, this defense may apply.
  • Mistaken identity - Often, the problem with a murder case is simply that the wrong person has been arrested. This can be caused by eyewitness reports in which the wrong person is identified, the presence of your DNA at a crime scene for an innocent reason, or a pattern of conflict with the deceased.

Our lawyers will meticulously study your case in order to identify any possible defenses.

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Soraya Joslin, P.C. is committed to protecting your rights while building strong defenses. Our goal is to protect your freedom and to present the best defense possible. Contact us at 817-599-7005 to receive a free consultation. We serve clients throughout northern Texas in Parker, Wise, Jack, Eastland, Hood, and Johnson Counties.

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