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Weatherford Criminal Defense Lawyer

Aggressive Attorney Fighting Back Against Criminal Charges

Merely being accused of a crime can disrupt your life in a major way. Your arrest may have gotten you in trouble at school or work, even though an arrest is not a conviction. There could be much more at stake than this, however. Texas is known for its "tough on crime" stance that has led to a large number of people being incarcerated, often for long periods of time and for relatively minor offenses. Presenting the best possible criminal defense can be of critical importance in these situations.

Soraya Joslin is committed to protecting the rights of criminal defendants in Texas. Our lawyers understand how easy it is to find yourself accused of a crime, whether you were guilty, had a justification like self-defense, or were completely innocent. Our many years of collective experience have taught us that a criminal charge almost never tells the story in a complete and accurate way. We always conduct our own independent investigations to uncover any information that could help you.

DWI Lawyer Serving Northern Texas

Driving While intoxicated (DWI) is one of the most common crimes that result in arrests nationwide. This does not mean that a DWI is not a big deal. Even for a misdemeanor first DWI, you could lose your driver's license for a long period of time and face other consequences. Repeat DWIs may be charged as a felony in some cases.

We are skilled in employing a number of possible defense strategies, from attacking field sobriety test results to challenging whether the stop was valid. We always investigate the circumstances under which any testing occurred to uncover any defects we could use to exclude this evidence.

Violent Crimes Attorney in Parker County

Violent crimes are among the most serious offenses a person can be charged with. A simple assault charge can often lead to jail time in Texas, even though many assault cases stem from provocation or a mutual disagreement. Offenses of violence only get more serious from there. Family violence, which is also called domestic violence, is treated more harshly than a simple assault merely based on the victim's identity.

Violent felonies, such as aggravated assault, manslaughter, and murder, can put your freedom in extreme jeopardy. If you have been charged with a violent felony, you are at serious risk of facing long terms of imprisonment. Our lawyers want to hear your side of the story so that we can begin crafting your best defense.

Unlawful Carry Lawyers in Northern Texas

The popularity of guns in Texas may not protect you from being arrested for carrying one into the wrong place or without a proper permit for concealed carry. If you are facing a charge related to unlawfully carrying a weapon, we will fight to guard your right to bear arms.

Weatherford Attorneys for Drug Possession and Related Crimes

Texas takes a hardline stance on drugs, including cannabis. There is little leniency if you are caught in possession of illicit substances. You could even have been charged with possession with intent to sell simply based on the quantity of the substance you were found with. In our experience, many people arrested for drug crimes are not hardened, high-level drug dealers, but rather normal people who struggle with addiction.

In some cases, we can defend these cases by using a deferral program that involves treatment. We will closely consider all relevant information and work closely with you to develop a defense strategy.

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Soraya Joslin, P.C. is committed to protecting the rights and freedom of those who have been accused of crimes in northern Texas. Our highly experienced team of criminal defense attorneys will custom-design the defense most likely to offer the greatest degree of success in your case. Contact us at 817-599-7005 for a free consultation. We serve clients throughout northern Texas in Parker, Wise, Eastland, Johnson, Jack, and Hood Counties.

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