What is the guardian of an adult child responsible for?

| Sep 7, 2017 | blog

Becoming someone’s legal guardian is a complicated process. In Texas, a person first needs to fill out an application and then receive court approval. During the court proceedings, a judge will determine if someone is truly in need of a legal guardian despite being over the age of 18. 

If a family member or another loved one requires guardianship, then it is vital to find the right person for the task. Guardianship can encompass numerous facets, and sometimes it will require a fairly hands-off role. However, there are certain things for the guardian to expect. 

Make sure the person has adequate medical care

A majority of the time, an adult receives a guardian because he or she requires attention and medical assistance. For example, a person suffering from a physical disability may need help going around town to doctor appointments and picking up medication. In some cases, the guardian will be the one to decide what kind of treatment the incapacitated person receives. 

Make pertinent financial decisions for someone else

Occasionally, the guardian needs to make prudent financial decisions on behalf of someone else. This can include deciding how money becomes allocated in relation to medical services. It can also include paying rent. This is a big reason why the court takes this matter seriously. It needs to be certain it is appointing someone who will have the best interest of the incapacitated person at heart. 

Submit updates to the court

Once a guardian is in place, he or she needs to keep the court updated about any changes in a person’s condition. The guardian frequently needs to submit medical or financial records to prove the person has the best care possible. Many times, being a guardian means handling the decisions of another person’s life. The court may also require a caretaker to look after the person who will handle more of the day-to-day responsibilities of providing adequate care.