Long-term consequences of DWIs

| Oct 9, 2019 | Firm News

DWI charges can bring about more consequences than just jail time and fines. Recently, the cops had to arrest one of their own when a Texas police officer passed out in a drive-thru and now faces DWI charges

In that instance, the news articles about that police officer will remain on the internet for years to come. The truth is a DWI can follow you for years, and you may continue facing the consequences for much of your life. Here are some of the long-term consequences to consider before you get behind the wheel intoxicated. 

Personal relationships

Following a DWI conviction, you will lose your driver’s license. This can impact where you can go. If you want to date, then you need to find a way to meet those individuals. Even if you still find a way to meet someone at a restaurant, the topic of your DWI may come up. Potential romantic interests may not want to be with someone who displays poor judgment. Even if you are with someone, a DWI can strain the relationship, and you may alienate some of your friends. 

Employment opportunities

When police arrest you on suspicion of DWI, you have to spend a lot of time defending yourself. You have to go to court, and you may need to perform community service. This may force you to take time off work, and it can impact future job prospects. Potential employers may look up your criminal record. If they find a DWI conviction, then you may not get the job. 

Car insurance premiums

Once convicted for a DWI, your auto insurance premiums will increase. Your rates could go up by twice or three times the amount you paid previously. These rates will stay in place for several years. Even if you pay off your fines, you will end up paying a lot more money in the long run with increased rates.