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November 2019 Archives

How a DWI impacts a job hunt

In the past, people with criminal convictions on their records would face an uphill battle trying to get a different job down the road. These days, employers have become increasingly understanding, and more employers than ever before feel willing to hire applicants with criminal records. However, that does not mean that you should expect a walk in the park when you have a DWI in Texas and try to obtain a new job. 

Can drug convictions impact financial aid eligibility?

Watching a child head off to college marks a proud moment for many parents, and you probably feel, at this point, like you have done everything you could to instill morals and values in your child. Many college students, however, start to experiment with the party scene once they get out from under their parent’s roofs. Such experimentation, however, can occasionally lead to serious financial trouble.


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