DWIs in college: Protect your future with the right help

| Jan 8, 2020 | Firm News

When you decided to go to college and follow some of your friends to a local university, you never thought it would end up causing you so much trouble. Sure, your friends all like to have a good time, and lots of people drink on campus, but you weren’t expecting to get sucked into trouble with the law.

Unfortunately, your friends all needed a ride home, and you were the least drunk of everyone. Against your better judgment, you decided to be the driver, because you felt you’d be the safest. Despite the fact that you didn’t crash, your swerving and instability on the road caught the eye of a passing officer. Now, you’re facing trouble for being intoxicated behind the wheel.

Getting a DWI in college can cause serious problems for students

There is no question that getting a DWI is harmful. It can hurt your reputation and cost thousands of dollars in fines. On top of that, college students need to worry about their school finding out about the charges. Normally, the police do report a DWI to the college, which means that you could lose your scholarships or housing on campus. The effect the report has on you will depend on the school’s rules and regulations, but you may find that the penalties are harsh.

In worst-case scenarios, students are sometimes expelled from school for DWIs. If this is your first offense, that may not happen, but you are more likely to face trouble like losing scholarships or financial aid.

You should know that the trouble with a DWI doesn’t stop at the risk of expulsion

Even if you do get to stay in school, you could lose the right to be in your career’s program. For example, if you wanted to be a nurse, you might now find that you can’t continue to pursue that degree as a result of your DWI. If your chosen career will require a license and you are still able to pursue it, keep in mind that your past might make it harder to get a job even after you successfully complete the course and become licensed.

If you are facing a DWI, it’s important that you have the chance to defend yourself and protect the life you’re trying to build. Your attorney will work diligently to do what they can to minimize the impact of any DWI charges you face.