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Probation Violations in Texas

 Posted on June 09, 2024 in Criminal Defense

TX defense lawyerMany studies have shown that incarceration as punishment for crimes might be more harmful to society than helpful. Being removed from the people you love and imprisoned with others who have committed crimes can reinforce the idea that you are not welcome in your community, and the isolation can keep you in a life of crime rather than motivate you to change your ways.

That is why judges sometimes offer probation instead of incarceration, especially for nonviolent crimes. The idea is that receiving this second chance can influence you to turn your life around. Probation comes with various conditions and requirements that you must abide by or face possible imprisonment. Accusations of probation violations are a serious matter that can have severe consequences. This article will explain what happens when someone is accused of violating the terms of their probation. If this happens to you, speak with a trusted Weatherford, TX criminal defense lawyer who can fight hard to keep you out of jail.

Probation Violation Proceedings

There are various steps involved when someone is accused of violating their probation. They include:

  • Investigation by the probation officer. They will examine the accusations and try to determine whether there is enough evidence to recommend a hearing.
  • Probation violation hearing. On the probation officer’s recommendation, you might be summoned to a hearing before a judge. The prosecutor, your probation officer, your defense attorney, and you will need to go to court and offer statements about what happened. Based on everything heard, the judge will decide whether to issue you a warning or revoke your probation, in which case you will most likely be given a prison sentence.

How to Avoid Violating Your Probation

When you are sentenced to probation, you will be given a list of conditions to adhere to. Conditions vary for each person, but they commonly include:

  • Regular check-ins with a probation officer, both over the phone and in person
  • Home visits
  • Employment verification
  • Drug testing
  • Community service

Depending on the specifics of your case, you might also be required to attend:

  • Substance abuse treatment
  • Anger management courses
  • Therapy

If you do not meet any of the requirements of your probation agreement, you are in danger of being found in violation. If there is a reason you are unable to fulfill the terms of your probation, speak with your probation officer to try to work together to find a solution. Regardless of the specifics of your probation conditions, if you get arrested again your probation will be considered violated and revoked, and you might face incarceration.

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Being accused of violating your probation can have severe consequences. If you have been accused, speak with a qualified Weatherford, TX criminal defense attorney to receive valuable guidance. At Soraya Joslin, P.C., we are passionate about building strong defenses for our clients and getting them the best possible outcomes. Call us at 817-599-7005 to schedule a free consultation.

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