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What To Do About False Domestic Violence Allegations

 Posted on December 12, 2023 in Criminal Defense

Parker County criminal defense lawywerFalse allegations can create a devastating impact on anyone’s life. Being falsely accused of domestic violence can quickly turn your life upside down in ways you may not imagine. Everything you have worked hard to achieve and the relationships you have made along the way can immediately begin to crumble beyond repair. So, what can be done about the false allegations being made against you? Though it can feel overwhelming, securing yourself an attorney can be your best bet in defending yourself against the allegations.

The Sad Reality of False Domestic Violence Allegations

Even proof of innocence may not be able to put the pieces of your life back together after being falsely accused of domestic violence. Regardless of a revenge plot of a jilted lover or a frame job just for public attention, a domestic violence allegation can be challenging to rebuild after the charges have been proven false. But there is still hope. These claims are pretty common, and as such, there are things to look for and ways in which to defend yourself from false allegations.

Defense Against False Domestic Violence Allegations

The best defense is to not wait until the damage has been done before you begin to defend yourself. Once charges are filed, it becomes a complicated situation where the effects of the allegations are already seeping into your everyday life. Anyone who would commit a false allegation against is likely to not be very emotionally stable. In the event you notice a relationship take a turn for the worst and suspect the other individual could take advantage of the situation by lobbying false allegations of domestic abuse against you, there are things you can do to help limit the danger of their actions.

Consult an Attorney

Get yourself an attorney experienced in domestic violence defense. The preference is someone who provides free consultations that you can take advantage of to plead your case. Even if you do not plan to hire an attorney, they can still offer you invaluable information that can help you avoid a worsening of the issues and help you better understand your options.

Safeguard Your Assets and Valuables

You may not think the person who brings false allegations against you will follow through on the charges, but you would be wrong. An accuser can steal your personal belongings, such as a photo ID, birth certificate, or something else of importance to keep you off track from defending yourself. While you are worried about the things you lost, you will not be focused on your defense, which could cost you dearly.

Once you notice your relationship shifting into a not-so-cordial manner, you would do well to change all of your login information, primarily to accounts the accuser may have access to. Accusers can build a case against you by using your social media accounts and posting messages that could incriminate you for the false allegations. Something akin to threats could make defending yourself an uphill battle.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

Notify family members and your reliable friends about your concerns regarding your current relationship and how you feel it might take a turn for the worse. It is better to get out ahead of the situation, as friends and family can easily turn against you once the accusations begin to roll in. Keeping them informed of your case can help keep them on your side and avoid them removing you from their lives due to false allegations of domestic violence.

Contact a Parker County, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Never brush off the seriousness of domestic violence allegations, false or otherwise. Connect with an experienced Weatherford, TX, domestic violence defense lawyer as soon as possible. The firm of Soraya Joslin, P.C. will listen to your case and help mount a defense. Contact the office at 817-599-7005 for a free consultation and advice.

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