Put An Experienced Former Prosecutor On Your Side

For more than nine years, attorney Soraya Joslin served as a criminal prosecutor. As a result, she understands the criminal justice system. Now she puts the insights she gained as a prosecutor to work for you.

How Do Prosecutors Think?

Knowing how the other side thinks can provide a significant benefit to you. When you are working with us to make decisions about how to proceed in your case, you will know you are depending on experienced legal judgment in criminal defense matters.

We understand how the different prosecutors may handle their cases or negotiate plea bargains. We also help you see how a particular judge may view your situation based on how that judge has handled previous cases that may be similar to yours, including those situations involving DWI and other circumstances.

Additionally, our firm is no stranger to the courtroom. If we advise you to take your case to trial, you will be able to rest easier knowing that you are receiving advice from someone who knows when trial does (and, equally important, when it does not) offer you the best opportunity to protect your rights.

Ultimately, though, we apply the same principles of service to our criminal defense cases that we apply to all of our cases. We deliver legal guidance and representation that is tailored to your unique circumstances. In doing so, we protect your rights diligently while caring for your legal needs compassionately.

Let Us Protect Your Rights

Our firm is available for free initial consultations(*certain restrictions apply, please contact office for details). To schedule yours, please call us at 817-757-4194. You can also reach us online if you prefer.