I have been a client of Soraya’s for over a year! My court case was just wrapped up this past week. Mrs. Joslin was honest with me and did a complete hail Mary! She defended me to the very end. I’m not the most likable person. Especially on paper but Soraya looked past what I have done and defended a person. I am sure that she did more than any other attorney would have done for me. Thanks Soraya!! – Jeremy

Soraya Joslin has set the bar of everything an attorney should be. After our first meeting I left her office with a smile on my face and most importantly peace of mind. Joslin is reliable, honest, more than reasonable and reliable. She has a way of breaking down and explaining all aspects of my cases so I knew what to expect. Did I mention I first met her as my court appointed attorney? I will recommend her to anyone who is in need of a lawyer. You would be crazy not to call her office.– Abby

Mrs. Soraya Joslin is THE best attorney I’ve ever encountered in Texas. She took care of my disabled sister Carla’s legal issues with her stepdaughter over her late husband’s intestate quickly. We’ve met some attorneys whom we’d not be excited to ever see again, but Mrs. Joslin is someone we would see again for legal or any other reasons. We strongly recommend her for those who need a strong, professional, fair, polite, wise and courteous attorney in the Weatherford, Fort Worth, and Mineral Wells area. Carla says Mrs. Joslin has restored her faith in humanity–that is something Carla has all but lost with her extended family. Thank you, Mrs. Joslin. – Robin and Carla

You’re in good hands with Soraya and all the staff at this firm! – Kevin

I used Miss Joslin in a custody guardianship situation and was very pleased with the professional, kind, caring and effective way that my case was handed by her office. I would highly recommend her! – Kelli

After calling a few attorneys, I was very fortunate to find Mrs. Joslin. She took the time to listen to my case and understand everything that had happened. She asked for a little background about me and for a couple documents. She presented my case to the court and was able to get my case dismissed. I did not have to take several hours out of many different days to go to court for a minor offense that could have resulted in fines, loss of license, and possibly even jail time. I am very thankful for her services and will use her services again in the future if I may ever need them, which hopefully I won’t. I would highly recommend Mrs. Joslin to anyone I know needing an attorney. – Amber

Did a great job getting my son out of trouble. – John

Ms. Joslin recently prepared my will and related documentation. She was thorough, efficient, and extremely helpful. In addition, she was a joy to work with. Her positive attitude and professional nature were exactly what I was looking for. – Martha

I would like to say THANK YOU. Soraya made me feel very comfortable and showed compassion and genuinely cared about my case and that’s few and far between. Charges against me were dropped. – Donna

I have a neighbor that was in need of a REAL lawyer. The one they were going to was not up to par, I don’t even know if they were on the same course. I heard from another friend that Soraya was the person to solve it all. Shortly after sending her there, the case was over and my neighbor was victorious! – Debbie